Wednesday, March 5, 2008


How quickly can one get hooked on new technology? At Network Agenda, we are convinced that it can happen almost overnight. We've developed further refinements to our existing suite of tools that will have you singing with glee. Here's what our suite of tools looks like at the moment, but it probably won't last long because were always adding to it:

Web calendar
contact manager
Project manager
conference room
data storage

Technology is making it increasingly simple to keep your employees informed of on-the-fly schedule changes throughout the day. For instance, if an employee is out of town on a business trip, and a change affecting his or her schedule is made within our Web calendar feature, the system can be set to automatically send the affected employee a text message, without running the risk of that employee not being aware of it.

In addition, Network Agenda's newe timeclock feature is making it increasingly easy to track total payroll hours per employee, department, and within the entire organization. As a result, tabulation of employee hours and payroll can be affected very easily.

As you can see, one low monthly price gives you a virtual office that makes running your literal office much easier. Businesses today seemingly run at warp speed and network agenda makes it possible for the administrative tasks necessary for implementation of all of your goals to keep up with the speed of your business.

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